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Grays at the Games

Date Posted: 20 July 2012

Grays will once again be at the forefront of the Olympic Games this summer as a result of the large number of athletes choosing to use our products. Grays will have at least one stick being used by an athlete in every single match during the games. In the Korea v China Women's game, which is scheduled for the 29th July, all 22 players will be using a Grays stick. Overall, 107 players, from 23 of the 24 competing nations, will have chosen to use Grays.

Grays Players competing at London 2012:


Argentina  L Cammareri M Paredes
Australia  M Knowles E Ockenden                
Belgium  X Reckinger                  
GB  A Jackson R Moore I Lewers M Daly              
Germany  T Stralkowski              
The Neterlands  R VD Horst M Balkestein                
India   M Singh                
Korea  K Moonkweon J Jong Hyun H Eunseong L Seungil Y Sunghoon C J Bok H Hyesung K Moonkyu K Jin L Ho L Yong O Daekeun N H Woo S Jongho Y W Kon Y Hyosik 
NZ  H Inglis S Mcalese D Couzins               
Pakistan  M W Sharif A H Khan S Abbasi S Rasool M Rashid             
S Africa  M Harper                 
Spain  S Freixa P Amat


Argentina  M R Sanchez D Sruoga  M Scarone  J Sruoga  S D'Elia          
Australia  H Munro  G Nanscawen  A Nelson             
Belgium  L Danhaive                
China  C Qiuxia D Jiaojiao F Baorong G Lihua L Hongxia L Meiyu M Wei M Yibo P Yang W Mengyu R Ye S Qingling S Sinan X Xiaoxu Z Yimeng Z Yudiao
GB  L Bartlett C Cullen E Maguire H Richardson S Thomas G Twigg N White         
Germany  N Keller M Haase M Maevers             
The Netherlands  M Paumen J Sombroek M de Blaay             
Japan  R Komazawa M Nakagawa A Mitsuhashi K Fujio             
Korea  H H Lyoung M Younghui C Sena C Eunbi C S Ki J S Ji J Y Mi K Darae K Jongeun K Jonghee K Okju L Seonok P K Ju M Younghui P Mihyun P S Mi
NZ  G Nanscawen  A Nelson  G Flynn  C Harrison S Michelsen           
S Africa  T Bright L A George N Terblanche S Russell T Mayne          

Good luck to all competitors from everyone at Grays.