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Nano 10 Scores Top Marks

Date Posted: 25 October 2013

In Push Magazines annual blind stick test the Nano 10 was the joint top performer. The GX2000, retailing at a mere £39.99, came an amazing third place in the tests and was described by the magazine as a 'pocket-money rocket'.


The sticks are painted and shammy-gripped so the testers have no idea what they are using. A pass and receive from a rebound board assesses the stick's first touch followed by a dribble through cones and a 3D lift over a stick. A new reverse- stick edge hit has been introduced into the tests this year. In addition to this a speed gun is used to assess each sticks power on both forehand & backhand zones.

First touch 9/10     3D 8/10     Overall playability 8.5/10    

Forehand power 54mph     Backhand power 41mph

First touch 8/10     3D 8/10     Overall playability 8.5/10    

Forehand power 58mph     Backhand power 42mph


German sticks

In addition to this the 700i Dynabow came top in a German magazine test for sticks over 100 Euro with the 500i Midbow coming 2nd place in the less than 100 Euro category and rated as the best value stick.