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New GR stick range

Date Posted: 03 February 2014

Introducing the new GR Graphene stick range for 2014/15

 We are pleased to announce that we have developed a new stick range incorporating Graphene. The range will be available for the 2014/15 season.

This will be the first use of Graphene in a hockey stick. Graphene, which is a high performance form of carbon, is one of the thinnest materials known to man and also one of the strongest. This and it's inherently 2D nature offers a number of benefits to the sport of hockey.

The New Graphene Enhanced Technology will offer greater energy transfer and performance, whilst the Graphene composite construction gives greater power when hitting and improved response when controlling the ball, as well as shock absorbing properties for added feel and response.

As usual the GR range will come in a number of options to suit every player;

GR 11000 Jumbow

GR 9000 Dynabow

GR 7000 Standard bow

New Octagrip handle

In addition to this we are pleased to announce another first, the new Octagrip handle. This is a unique concept in hockey stick handle design. It has an eight sided top hand profile that generates additional fingertip control – particularly when executing on handed stick skills.

This sort of grip shape has long been utilised in sports such as tennis and will offer great advantages to Hockey. The Octagrip handle is available on the new GR 11000 as well as the redesigned AJ7 stick - designed with Ashley Jackson.


To learn more about Graphene just watch the following video: -